Top 5 Tips For A Budget Wedding : Food & Drink

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Food & drink is always a huge chunk of the wedding budget. Three quarters of your budget could be used on food & drink without even blinking! If you are trying to budget carefully for your wedding it can seem quite overwhelming when you start to look at the full cost of feeding & keeping all of your guests hydrated! 

Here are our top 5 tips to help keep costs down on food & drink at your wedding. 


Tip #1

The Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are expensive - there’s no getting away from that. If you had your sights set on a huge 6 tier wedding cake with intricate decorating on each tier, you may have to rethink. A professional wedding cake could be anywhere from £400+ depending on the size & the amount of detail. 

If you have a family member or a friend that loves baking & feels confident in creating a multi tier cake then ask them to make one for you. Make sure you offer to pay them for their time & the materials. 


Tip #2

Think Dessert Table

Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, why not have a dessert table instead. You could hold a ‘Bake-Off’ style table where family & friends bring their own creations instead of presents. Or, if you are a confident baker yourself, you could make your own ahead of the wedding day. 


Tip #3

Make Wise Menu Choices 

If your venue allows you a choice of menu then maybe opt for a BBQ style or a stylish buffet instead of a sit down meal. Buffets don’t have to be outdated & you don’t have to feel like your at a kid’s party. If thought about & put together nicely a buffet can be a really lovely choice. 


Tip #4

Buy In Bulk

If you venue allows you to, buy your own booze & soft drinks & buy in bulk. Buy it from a cash & carry or buy it when it’s on offer at the supermarkets. You could even display the drinks in old bath tubs, wheelbarrows or colourful bins. 


Tip #5

Have Your Cake & Eat It

Why not make your centrepiece cake the main bulk of a buffet too. You could have a pork pie cake & a cheese wheel cake & also have them as your evening buffet too! Add some crackers, chutneys, a meat platter & some nibbles & you have a buffet that your guests will love!


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