Top 5 Tips For A Budget Wedding : Food & Drink

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Food & drink is always a huge chunk of the wedding budget. Three quarters of your budget could be used on food & drink without even blinking! If you are trying to budget carefully for your wedding it can seem quite overwhelming when you start to look at the full cost of feeding & keeping all of your guests hydrated! 

Here are our top 5 tips to help keep costs down on food & drink at your wedding. 


Tip #1

The Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are expensive - there’s no getting away from that. If you had your sights set on a huge 6 tier wedding cake with intricate decorating on each tier, you may have to rethink. A professional wedding cake could be anywhere from £400+ depending on the size & the amount of detail. 

If you have a family member or a friend that loves baking & feels confident in creating a multi tier cake then ask them to make one for you. Make sure you offer to pay them for their time & the materials. 


Tip #2

Think Dessert Table

Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, why not have a dessert table instead. You could hold a ‘Bake-Off’ style table where family & friends bring their own creations instead of presents. Or, if you are a confident baker yourself, you could make your own ahead of the wedding day. 


Tip #3

Make Wise Menu Choices 

If your venue allows you a choice of menu then maybe opt for a BBQ style or a stylish buffet instead of a sit down meal. Buffets don’t have to be outdated & you don’t have to feel like your at a kid’s party. If thought about & put together nicely a buffet can be a really lovely choice. 


Tip #4

Buy In Bulk

If you venue allows you to, buy your own booze & soft drinks & buy in bulk. Buy it from a cash & carry or buy it when it’s on offer at the supermarkets. You could even display the drinks in old bath tubs, wheelbarrows or colourful bins. 


Tip #5

Have Your Cake & Eat It

Why not make your centrepiece cake the main bulk of a buffet too. You could have a pork pie cake & a cheese wheel cake & also have them as your evening buffet too! Add some crackers, chutneys, a meat platter & some nibbles & you have a buffet that your guests will love!


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Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

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Tip #1

Source a Free Wedding Planning Guide

There are some brilliant free resources on the Internet which will help you plan your wedding with a month by month breakdown of what you should book when. It’s important to remember that it’s only a guide so try not to worry if you don’t do things exactly like it says. 


Tip #2

Don’t Underestimate Your Budget 

The biggest stress when planning a wedding is more than likely going to be the cost. When you are planning your own wedding don’t forget time to properly plan through your budget as well. This is always best done together so you both know exactly where you stand with the budget. It’s always handy to over estimate your budget so that you don’t end up falling short. Plus, when you over estimate what things will cost you may end up with some left over to spend on an amazing honeymoon. 


Tip #3

Get To Know Your Venue

In the build up to the wedding day it’s important to get to know your venue. By visiting the venue as often as you can (or keeping in contact virtually) with the team members means you will have built up a good relationship with them. By staying over, if able to, or visiting the restaurant will help make you feel more relaxed knowing the team have everything in hand when your wedding day comes around. 


Tip #4

Remember It’s Your Big Day

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of trying to please everyone on your wedding day. Although a wedding day is quite often  family affair, it’s you & your partner that should be making the choices. Of course you are going to want recommendations & advice from family members but don’t be afraid to do it your own way. Make it count so that you know you've had the day that you really want no matter how big or small. 


Tip #5

Sort Out The Priorities

Wedding planning can be very overwhelming as there’s a wealth of information & decisions to make. Prioritise the things that are most important to you and go from there. You may be foodies that want the best caterers, you may want an amazing band first and foremost - make a list of the most important things and allocate budget from there.


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